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  • Taipei


    Yu Shan Ge’s flagship store, creating a place for high-end vegetarian cuisine in Taipei’s foodscape.
    • No.14 Beiping East Rd., Taipei
    • Tel.02-2394-5155
    • Fax.02-2394-5022
  • Taichung


    Located in Taichung’s 7th redevelop zone Yu Shan Ge Taichung brings high end vegetarian cuisine to the area.
    • Floor 2 No. 207 Wenxin Rd. Section 2 XiTun District Taichung City
    • Tel.04-2258-8955
    • Fax.04-2258-7955
  • Kaohsiung


    A design inspired by Palace de Versailles combined with traditional Chinese motifs and situated near the fine arts museum, our Kaohsiung location is elegant and cultured.
    • No. 225 Meishu North 3rd Rd, Gushan District, Kaohsiung
    • Tel.07-522-7850
    • Fax.07-522-3726