About Us

Founder’s Concept

“Creating dishes that bring happiness through joyful cooking”

Eric Chen is persistent in creating artful culinary creations that stimulates all five senses. Every course goes through his strict scrutiny before they arrive in front of the customer.       

Eric has a high standard for his culinary team; not only do each chef has to have extraordinary talent, but they also need to be exceptionally creative. This commitment is so that Yu Shan Ge can deliver an experience that leaves a lasting impression.

We create every dish and serve every customer with the utmost passion and dedication in hopes of introducing the beauty of vegetarian food to more people.                                       


  • Taipei


    Yu Shan Ge’s flagship store, creating a place for high-end vegetarian cuisine in Taipei’s foodscape.
    • No.14 Beiping East Rd., Taipei
    • Tel.02-2394-5155
    • Fax.02-2394-5022
  • Kaohsiung


    A design inspired by Palace de Versailles combined with traditional Chinese motifs and situated near the fine arts museum, our Kaohsiung location is elegant and cultured.
    • No. 225 Meishu North 3rd Rd, Gushan District, Kaohsiung
    • Tel.(07)522-7850
    • Fax.