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”Experience the Artistry of Mindful Vegetarian Dining”

A Journey of Transformation: The Inspiring Story Behind Yu Shan Ge

Eric Chen's journey to founding Yu Shan Ge is a testament to the power of faith, resilience, and culinary passion. Raised in the humble surroundings of southern Taiwan, Eric's life changed forever when a severe workplace accident left his father critically injured. As medical professionals struggled to offer hope, an unexpected source of solace emerged – his grandmother's profound faith.

In a moment of crisis, Eric's grandmother made a solemn vow to embrace Buddhist veganism. Whether through spiritual intervention or the strength of belief, a remarkable recovery began, defying medical expectations.

This pivotal experience left an indelible mark on Eric. Years later, prompted by a friend's introspective question about life's regrets, Eric found himself reflecting deeply on his purpose. Grateful for the blessings in his life, he felt compelled to give back to society in a meaningful way.

Leveraging his extensive experience in the food industry, Eric envisioned a sanctuary where nutritious, plant-based cuisine could nourish both body and spirit. This vision materialized in October 2004 with the establishment of Yu Shan Ge.

Today, Yu Shan Ge stands as a culinary haven where each dish is crafted with mindfulness, gratitude, and artistic flair. Here, vegetarian cuisine transcends mere sustenance, becoming a celebration of life's resilience and the transformative power of compassion.

We invite you to experience Yu Shan Ge – not just for a meal, but for a journey that honors the delicate balance between tradition and innovation, health and indulgence, and the profound connection between what we eat and how we live.
  • Taipei


    Yu Shan Ge’s flagship store, creating a place for high-end vegetarian cuisine in Taipei’s foodscape.
    • No.14 Beiping East Rd., Taipei
    • Tel.02-2394-5155
    • Fax.02-2394-5022
  • Kaohsiung


    A design inspired by Palace de Versailles combined with traditional Chinese motifs and situated near the fine arts museum, our Kaohsiung location is elegant and cultured.
    • No. 225 Meishu North 3rd Rd, Gushan District, Kaohsiung
    • Tel.(07)522-7850
    • Fax.