About Us


“Devotion and pleads granted by god”

Eric Chen, the founder of Yu Shan Ge was a down-to-earth boy from southern Taiwan. A near tragedy happened one day when machinery malfunctioned causing a bamboo pole to puncture through Eric’s father’s abdomen. After arriving at the emergency, the doctor’s told the family that they are not able to stitch the wound shut and that Eric’s father wouldn’t be able to survive.  

Someone told Eric’s grandma that if she vowed to become a Buddhist vegan that her pleads would be granted by the gods. Maybe it was because of grandma’s devotion or her fate with the Buddhist vegan diet, Eric’s father’s wound miraculously started to heal.

After working in the vegetarian food industry, a friend asked Eric, “do you have any regrets in life?”Thus made Eric start to think about his reason for being. After living a fortunate life so far, Eric decided to return this favor to God by contributing and benefitting society. 

Utilizing his knowledge from working in the food industry for decades, Eric aimed to provide the public with healthy and nutritious delicacies to nourish people's bodies and minds. And so, Yu Shan Ge was established in October of 2004.
  • Taipei


    Yu Shan Ge’s flagship store, creating a place for high-end vegetarian cuisine in Taipei’s foodscape.
    • No.14 Beiping East Rd., Taipei
    • Tel.02-2394-5155
    • Fax.02-2394-5022
  • Kaohsiung


    A design inspired by Palace de Versailles combined with traditional Chinese motifs and situated near the fine arts museum, our Kaohsiung location is elegant and cultured.
    • No. 225 Meishu North 3rd Rd, Gushan District, Kaohsiung
    • Tel.(07)522-7850
    • Fax.